Feathered astrolabe condition
Sprouting fiery punctual reprieve
From slothful nuclear oration
And brooding australopithecine relief.

El, suffering, Greco, theodisy.
Merciful heat roundly scorned at the Cordillera,
Oblivious to the Gulf Stream's damp, hilarious,
And studiously soulful flight of indifference.

Saint John of the Cross
(One sorrowful, well-armed vision
of the Crab Nebula, perhaps, might shock
petty piety into draftless guilt, avec plaisir).

Saint Annabelle of the Meadows
Knew well enough the plaintiff population:
More galaxies spin in the great beyond
Than children starve in Somalia and Gujarat.

But we can only weep and howl in pullulation,
For we are all too young.

Michael Webb

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