What characterizes a pilotless selection framework?

A pilot is an agent that can make selections. Pilots have an internal policy enforced through the choices they make. An internal policy may include a strategy or set of criteria which the pilot brings to bear on its domain of influence.

The policy inherent in the pilot gives the selection framework an overall direction or behavior. The direction might not be monotonal or predictable, but it will be consistent with itself.

A pilotless framework can make choices by applying predefined algorithms to input. Such a framework is inert and predictable if its inputs are relatively easy to ascertain.

Besides being able to apply algorithms to make selections, a pilot can adjust those algorithms to better enforce its policy.

The pilot has no influence on its own policy. If it had, then that self-instilled policy would have required a larger-context policy, and therefore the self-instilled policy would actually have been a substrategy of the larger policy.

Although a pilot makes the selection framework self-adjusting by being able to change its own selection algorithms, a piloted selection framework cannot, by definition of a pilot, change its own underlying policy or direction.

Michael Webb, 2001

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